The rental contract is usually designed for a complete academic year (incl. July). In case of room availability, we also welcome Students who stay for shorter periods of time.

The services described on this website are all included in the rates listed below, there are no additional costs (e.g. for electricity, water or internet access). The only exception is the cost for using the washing machine (€ 1,00 for 140 minute program)

General, one – off payments per person (when signing the documents):

  • € 550,00 deposit (refunded after moving out if the room furniture stays undamaged)
  • € 50,00 processing fee (for initial beurocratic efforts, moving in process, etc.)

Single room rates: € 343,00 /month

Double room rates (per person): € 247,00 / month

The rates are due on the beginning of each month and will be transferred automatically via debit authorization.

Bank account:
Credit institution: Raiffeisenlandesbank Steiermark
Name: Studentenhilfe Babenberg
Adress: Schiessstattgasse 3/III, 8010 Graz
IBAN: AT08 3800 0000 0009 2353